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Our mission is to provide comprehensive information about fibromyalgia for patients, their loved ones, those who may be diagnosed in the future, and others interested in learning more about this condition.

We help fibromyalgia patients increase their quality of life by creating a space where people affected by this condition can share their experiences and build a community in order to support each other and ease the loneliness of living with chronic pain.

About MeLinda About Us Mission

Linda was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2000 after a bad case of Mono/Epstein Barr. At the time she became ill, she was a dancer and competitive athlete – but after becoming ill, just getting out of bed in the morning became a challenge.

Over the years, she managed to slowly reclaim her life. Despite the difficulties, she graduated from high school and college and began a career in women’s health information.

Linda found yoga made a massive difference for her and eventually decided to leave everything behind to become a yoga teacher and see the world. She has been traveling and teaching ever since.

The early years were the most difficult period. In that time of struggle, she promised herself that if she got through this, she would do what she could to help others faced with this bleak diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia still affects her daily, but after so many years, she has developed strategies to live better. She hopes that her journey might help and inspire others.

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