Fibromyalgia Related Conditions

Fibromyalgia Related Conditions

This is an introduction to a whole category for the website where we’ll be discussing other conditions that are related to fibromyalgia. Fibro is unique in that there is so much overlap with other conditions, so we felt these other conditions warranted their own category.

In this post, we’ll introduce some trigger conditions, conditions with similar symptoms, and other conditions seen in conjunction with fibromyalgia. Some of these fall into more than one category, but we’ll be covering each of them in their own post to unpack their relationship with fibromyalgia.

Trigger Conditions

What we mean by trigger conditions are those that seem to bring about fibromyalgia. These are conditions that people can pinpoint back to the start of their pain.

No one can prove yet that these illnesses caused fibro in patients, but there are strong links that correlate the onset of fibro with experiencing a trigger condition. Some of these come and go, while others are permanent conditions.

These can be viral infections like the Mono/Epstein-Barr virus, pregnancy and childbirth, physical trauma like breaking your leg, emotional trauma and PTSD, and repetitive injuries such as those resulting from joint hypermobility syndrome.

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Conditions with Similar Symptoms

Next, we have conditions with similar symptoms. These are conditions that are often confused with fibromyalgia, and patients might even be misdiagnosed if signs are not interpreted correctly.

Fibromyalgia symptoms overlap greatly with several autoimmune conditions. Though fibro has not yet been found to be an autoimmune condition itself, it mysteriously has symptoms in common with many autoimmune conditions. Examples include arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and hypothyroidism.

Infectious diseases can also have similar symptoms to fibromyalgia. The most prominent of these is probably Lyme disease.

Seen in Conjunction with Fibromyalgia

Finally, there are several conditions that a significant percentage of fibro patients also suffer from. The symptoms are different for every person, so it really is dependent on what’s affecting you the most. Once you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, your doctor may strongly suspect you have at least some of these conditions in addition to your fibro.

Examples include physical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless leg syndrome, and TMJ. Psychological conditions like depression and anxiety are also often seen in conjunction with fibromyalgia.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is just an introduction to the whole category of related conditions content here at the Fibro Pulse channel. We’ll be shining a spotlight on each of these related conditions in their own detailed posts, always focusing on the fibromyalgia link.

There are so many related conditions, and we’re going to cover as many as we can, but we want to know what you guys want to see so we can best tailor the channel to your needs. And if you have one of these related conditions and are interested in sharing your experience with the community, please contact us. We’d love to have firsthand accounts of how these conditions affect your life.

• The Fibro Manual by Dr. Ginevra Liptain (2016)

Fibromyalgia Related Conditions | Fibro Pulse ( #fibromyalgia #fibro #chronicpain #chronicillness #spoonie #invisibleillness #choniclife #spoonielife

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